Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mississippi St 9/24/11

I can't get this memory out of my head. I keep reliving us dominating these pussycats from Hobby Airport for nearly 3 quarters and then they humiliate us in the 4th quarter. I know I cannot do anything about it, but this one really hurts. We had them so confused and then they made adjustments to steal something I would like to taste in the near future! A Big Fat W! I really feel like we are very close and we are so much further ahead of last year! It is time to move on. I just needed to rant one more time. Thanks for listening. Now it is time to get ready for the rednecks. These cowgirls sure have fascination with their cowbells! I bet each player who gets a playbook also takes a cowbell home to sleep with. I was reading the online edition of their visitor's guide and it said that Starkville had a large population of goats and stumps. I wonder why they keep track of that number? That sounds like something that might be in the "How to be a Redneck Guide" On top of all of that they stole our mascot. They are not real Bulldogs! Don't they know who the real Bulldogs are? Even though I spoke to Matt several times this week he was pretty quiet.
I am not saying he was not excited about the game, but more of a focused quiet. He said the team had pretty good practices early in the week, but things really picked up towards the end of the week. He said he kicked the ball well the whole week. They did work on some specialty kicks during the week, but not as many as the last 2 weeks. I guess it all depends on the situation whether you kick deep, pooch, squib, fake or surprise on-sides.
I just wish they would kick it deep as long as we can get down and cover. Matt said his hang time has been between 4 and 4.3 seconds on his deep kicks. I think we should be able to cover very well with those hang times. Matt said they would leave around 11:00AM and would  do a walk through at the stadium before going to the hotel. The team stayed in Tupelo. He said the hotel was probably the worst he has stayed in during all of their travels. He said that turning on the AC was like pulling the cord on a lawn mower. That sounds real redneck to me! I originally thought I was going to make my way over the Starkville for the game.
I had spent most of my week in Bentonville, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. I was pretty drained and decided that 8 hours each way was more than I wanted to tackle. I told Mr. Rust I would be there and now I am going to be on the doo doo list! I felt bad for Matt, when I spoke with him about it he was ok with it. This was going to be a very strange Saturday for me. Normally I am setting up the tailgate spot and tossing down a few adult beverages. It looks like it is going to be ESPN College Game Day at 9:00AM and then all of the college football I can swallow until 6:00PM Then it is ESPNU and the real Bulldogs! Janet's Aunt & Uncle (David & Barbara) were going to come over and watch the game. Barbara was making wings and we decided to get make it while you wait, take it home with you & bake when you want pizzas from Papa Murphy's.
If you have not tried this concept you are missing out. The thin crust with olive oil and garlic instead of pizza sauce with whatever your topping flavors are is the bomb. I would prefer to make my homemade pizza, but in a pinch Papa Murphy's is my go to pizza. On top of that I can bake it when I want to. Hot and fresh out of my oven. The day has gone by way faster than I anticipated. 6:00PM is here before I know it and Matt is about to kickoff. The kickoff is away and it is another touch-back. Great way to start! MSU goes 10 plays and has to punt and they pin us down on our 3 yard line. Great first stance by our defense for the opening series. We run 3 plays and have to punt! What type of play calls are these? RA gets off a booming punt for 72 yards and then MSU runs the punt back 82 yards for a touchdown. What just happened? We get a punt off like that and we can't cover that! We looked like we were in slow motion. Please pinch me and tell me it is not true!
It looks like JC might have been hurt on the play. He is not putting much pressure on his leg. I sure hope it is not too bad of an injury. I don't guess I even know who the backup deep snapper is. Tech gets the ball and runs off 8 plays and it is 4th down. I hate watching games at home. Whenever Matt kicks a FG or PAT I have to stand behind the couch where I can barely see the TV. I wish I knew why I had to do this. I had plenty of drawers on tonight, so no worries if I had an accident. Matt comes out for a 43 yard FG with a new deep snapper. I still don't know who it is. The snap is good, the hold is good and the FG is good! Hoo Ya! It looks like CL is now taking on the role of deep snapper. Now I can get back in my big brown chair. MSU gets the ball back and we force them to punt. Tech gets the ball and runs 8 plays and the 1st quarter come to an end with MSU up 7 -3. We start the 2nd quarter off with 2 quick passes and LC bangs it to the outside for a 4 yard TD run. The PAt is good and Tech now leads 10 - 7.
We trade punts and MSU goes 61 yards on 8 plays and scores a TD. MSU adds a FG late in the 2nd quarter and takes the lead into halftime 17 -10. We are playing pretty good. We are still right there. Now it is time for some more red wine along with our pizza and wings. Now this is good stuff right here! MSU kicks off to start the 3rd quarter and kicks it out of bounds. Tech will start at their 40. We run 3 plays and have to punt. When we have 3rd down whatever yards and we are going to pass, we have to at least get our receivers to catch the ball past the first down marker. MSU runs 7 plays and punts! Tech gets the ball and drives 6 plays and NI connects with QP for a 14 yard TD. The PAT is good and Tech is now tied 17 - 17. MSU connects on a 24 yard FG and now leads 20 - 17 as the 3rd quarter comes to an end! We start the 4th quarter off punting to MSU. They run 1 play and QG intercepts the pass. Now this is what I am talking about! Tech drives 11 plays and Matt comes out to kick a 28 yard FG. The kick is up and it is good! We are now tied 20 -20 with 8:42 to play. We can do this! Let's go dawgs! We force MSU to punt and Tech runs off 11 plays before MSU intercepts NI in the end-zone.
My heart just sunk! I thought we would score a TD or at minimum a FG. There is still 3:38  to play, so we still have plenty of time. We force MSU to punt after 3 plays and now it is our time. We start the drive on our 35 yard line and we run 3 plays and punt. What the heck are you doing TF? Are you trying to call plays to win the game or sit back and take your chances in OT? I don't agree with your play calling! Come On Man! We hold MSU and the 4th quarter comes to an end. Oh the chances we had to end this in regulation. Looks like we will head into our 2 OT game of the season. Tech starts OT with the ball and on the 2nd play MSU intercepts NI's pass. Oh this is not good! MSU takes their turn and in 2 plays they score and MSU wins 26 - 20. Please tell me that this did not happen. We are so close and I so want wins for this team. They played their hearts out. I know the players play the game and the coaches coach the game, but we had some stupid plays called at times. I wish CD would give TF a stiff kick in the ass and tell him to get with the program! I just do not understand TF at all. Maybe he will fool me one day! Until then I will agree to disagree with him. Matt called right before he boarded the bus. You could tell in his voice that he was pretty upset.
He really thought that this was the game that they would prevail in. He said that he was very concerned when JC went down, but CL did an awesome job on the deep snaps. He said on the 43 yard FG that he made sure to wait on the ball since he has not taken very many snaps with CL. He said that he thought Idaho was bad because the fans are on top of him when he warms up on the sideline, but the cow bells were so loud it was insane! He said this team has worked so hard and to lose these games like this is very painful. We said our good byes as it was time to board the bus. These are times when I wish I could talk to him in person. All I can do is be there for him and hope I say the right things at the right time! I sit here and go through the plays in my head and I still do not understand some of the play calls. I did not say all, I said some of them during the times where you need to position yourself to win the game. We need to put people away and learn how to finish these teams off. Hindsight is 20/20, but my what I am seeing is still a little blurry with some of the play calls! I guess I need  to leave the MSU game alone! Sometimes my fingers don't say the right things. Hawaii is my focus now! It will be a Red Out game at the Joe! Moniz is an awesome QB, but his time to shine will be left on the islands. He will be so confused when he leaves Ruston with his hula skirt on his head! I want to tear these hula skirt wearing ladies a new one. Now that they are leaving the WAC, it is time for a beat down. They need to be eating pine cones when this game is over. The WAC is ours for the taking and game #1 starts this Saturday! I am ready to drive over now and get this thing started!
It is such a blast to follow Matt Nelson through his eyes and the Bulldog team! I might not say the right things, but I write from the bottom of my heart and what my feelings are during the week and during the game. I don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings, but I am very passionate about La Tech football. My opinions on the coaches and their decisions are only mine and no one else's. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Morris with La Tech Sports Pix for allowing me to use some of his photos for this blog. He is such an amazing photographer really gets the most intense photo's of our Bulldogs! I also want to thank Mr. Slack for use of his photo's as well! Don't forget to listen to J Ford with Bleed Tech Blue on ESPN 97.7 FM every Tuesday night at 6:00 PM. My your Football Season be filled with many Football Victories, Sunny Smiles, Sandy Dreams and Travel Your Way! Until our paths cross again, have a blessed week! College Football Dad!