Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Mexico State - 10/27/12

Where do I begin? Our train is still steaming down the tracks at full speed. My mind is going crazy replaying these 70 points we put up on the Potato Heads. How do you do that? It was such an awesome game and I am so proud of this team. These guys believe in each other and they believe in this coaching staff. I am super pumped to see where this team is going to take me next. I look forward to the journey and thank you for the trail that you have made. Great win against Idaho guys. It is time to move on to the Maroon Aggies from another mother. I am not sure how many Aggie schools there are in division 1 football, but we have 3 of them on the schedule this year. I wonder how many teams get so lucky. If you are an Aggie you are subject to stupid Aggie jokes right? This is one of my favorites. Q: Why did the Aggies run out of ice on the sidelines? A: The trainer lost the recipe. HaHa! That is pretty stupid funny! The last part of their fight song still cracks me up. We'll win this game or we will know the reason why! And when we win this game we'll buy a keg of booze, and we'll drink it to the Aggies 'till we wobble in our shoes. I guess you will know the reason why and that will be a beat down by the baddest dawgs in the land. :) I spoke with Matt several times during the week. Practices have gone well and he was kicking the ball well. Because he is kicking the ball so many times during the game they were going to limit the amount of kicks he took during the week. My leg would of already fallen off. He said the team was very focused on their game plan for New Mexico State. The team and special team meetings have been full of energy. We are still going to try and pin the tail on the donkey in the left corner on kickoffs. He said they have a couple of different on-sides they practiced during the week. He said the guys at the house (MN, RH, RA & RPS) all got pumpkins and they had a carving party. Some of them were pretty good. Matt carved the Tech logo in his. I am not sure how he did that as he has a hard time with knifes especially when he is eating. :) I really hate the day of a game that I am not going to attend. It seams to drag on forever. Janet's mom & dad came up from Spring on Friday night and they were going to stay with us over the weekend. Bob's (Janet's dad) sister Betty Sue is turning 80 on Halloween and we were going to a early birthday celebration at Janet's cousins (Kim & Nick) house. They served some awesome barbecue from Red Hot & Blue and their potato salad was to die for. Happy Birthday Betty Sue! We watched a little football and then it was time to head to the house so I could get ready for the game. I have to prepare myself for these watching parties. I am normally a mess as I wait for game time to start. Janet's aunt & uncle (David & Barbara) were coming over as well to watch the game. We signed up for ESPN Game Plan for the day. I am not sure how I am going to watch the game as Janet and I normally sit in different rooms when we watch the game. I am always about trying new things so this should be interesting. It is almost game time and my red wine is in my hand. Here we go! Let's get this party started. Matt kicks off to the goal lie and NMS brings it out to their 32 yard line. NMS runs 3 plays and punts. Tech takes over at their 28 yard line and runs 12 plays and Matt comes in to kick a 40 yard FG. I head to the next room and wait for a it's good and I get a high snap and it is no good. What is going on? This is not supposed to happen. More red wine please. NMS takes over and runs 3 plays and has to punt again.
Tech takes over at the NMS 50 yard line and runs 10 plays as KD runs it in from 2 yards out. Matt connects on the PAT. Tech is up 7 - 0. Let's bring it guys! Matt kicks off and we stop NMS at their 23 yard line. NMS runs 5 plays and they have to punt. Tech starts at their 13 yard line and we run 3 plays as RA comes in to punt. Did he come in to punt or what? He just bombed it 85 yards. I don't think I have ever seen a punt that long. Heck of a punt RA. NMS starts from their 2 yard line and runs 6 plays as the 1st quarter comes to an end. NMS starts the 2nd quarter 2 plays and has to punt. Tech takes over at their 20 yard line and we run 16 plays and Matt comes in to kick a 23 yard FG. I moved to a different room and waited for the all clear sign and I get a nope. It is no good. What in the world is going on? This is not Matt! I think I am going to puke. I get my glass of red wine and I head to the patio. Wow! NMS takes over at their 20 yard line and runs 5 plays and has to punt. Tech takes over at their 25 yard line and runs 7 plays and Matt comes in to kick a 37 yard FG. I stayed on the patio and listened and I got a no good. I am going to cry and puke! Something has to be going on. This is crazy! What am I doing wrong? I have already changed clothes twice since the game has started, but whatever I am doing is not working. I feel so bad for Matt as he has had an awesome season going on so far. It is time for a new streak. CFD get your head back into the game. No one wants to listen to your "What is going on BS". NMS takes over at their 20 yard line and runs 5 plays and has to punt. Tech takes the ball on their 4 yard line and we run 4 plays and RA comes in to punt. NMS starts on their 8 yard line and runs 1 play as the 1st half comes to an end. Tech is up 7 - 0. I don't know what to do! Where is this high powered offense? Our FG team is killing me! Our defense is doing what they are supposed to. Why is this happening to me? Ome on drawers, don't fail me now! My box of red wine and I need to have some deep conversations! The 3rd quarter starts and Tech starts on their 24 yard line and runs 3 plays and RA comes in to punt. This is not what I wanted to see. NMS starts on their 34 yard line and runs 6 plays and fumbles as VC recovers the ball at our 43 yard line. That is what I am talking about. Tech runs 5 plays and CC hits MW on a 44 yard bomb and Tech scores a TD. Matt comes in and connects with the PAT. Game on! Matt kicks off and we stop NMS at their 29 yard line. NMS runs 6 plays and fumbles the ball and it is recovered by AT at our 37 yard line. Keep it up guys! Tech run 3 plays and RA comes in to punt. NMS starts at their 28 yard line and runs 1 play as CB intercepts the ball. Now we have to do something with this turnover. Tech starts this drive at the NMS 28 yard line and we run 5 plays as CC runs it in from 2 yards out and we have another TD. Matt connects on the PAT and Tech is up 21 - 0. Let's go guys! Let's take this thing to the house! Matt kicks off and Tech stops NMS at their 25 yard line. NMS runs 5 plays and has to punt. Tech take over at their 14 yard line and we run 9 plays as the 3rd quarter comes to an end. The 4th quarter starts off with Tech running 5 plays as we go for it on 4th and goal and come up short. NMS takes over at their 1 yard line and runs 8 plays and has to punt. Tech takes over at their 17 yard line and runs 1 play as RH takes it 83 yards for a TD. Way to go Ray! Matt connects on the PAT and Tech is now up 28 - 0. Woo Hoo! Matt kicks off and we stop NMS at their 41 yard line. Something has to be going on with the kick coverage team. Something is just not right. NMS runs 5 plays and scores a TD on a 19 yard pass play. Tech is up 28 - 7. Tech takes the kickoff and this drive will start at our 25 yard line. Tech runs 6 plays and RA comes in to punt. NMS starts at their 20 yard line and runs 4 plays scores a TD on a 67 yard bomb. Tech is now up 28 - 14. Come on guys! Don't let this happen! Tech takes the kickoff and runs 2 plays as time disappears and Tech wins 28 - 14. I am exhausted and mentally drained. A win is a win, but this one was not very pretty. Is there a such thing as an ugly win? I think I just witnessed the Perfect Storm and it just happened in Las Cruces! My stomach hurts and I feel like I let Matt down by not doing something right. What am I going to say to him when I talk to him? Will he even call after the game? How is he dealing with this? Before I know it the phone rings and it is Matt. Janet answers and they talk about the game. I had to step out on the patio and readjust my thought process. Janet handed me the phone after he asked her if I was too embarrassed to talk to him. I told him I was not embarrassed at all. Sometimes stuff just happens.
He started off the conversation with "that was not a good day at the office". He said he had no chance at the 1st FG. The 2nd FG he felt like it went off of his toe and faded right. The 3rd FG he thought was right over the right upright and he thought it was good and the referee said no good. He would have to watch film after church and break everything down with CT. He said he was thankful for the win and I will go back to Ruston and start getting ready for UTSA. I will start a new streak and I will get better. I told him I was very proud of him and thanks for keeping me grounded and upright. We said our goodbyes and the team headed back to Ruston. Matt is as strong mentally as they come. I know he is not happy with his performance and he feels like he let his teammates and fans down, but things happen for a reason and you learn from them and you move forward. I did not sleep very well! I kept reliving the nope and the no good. It is over CFD! You can not play the game again! Leave it alone! Sunday afternoon Matt called after he and CT watched film. As he told me Saturday night the 1st one he had no chance. He did hit the 2nd one off of his toe and the 3rd one he hit well. It was just not where he needed it to go. They looked at his steps and form and nothing looked out of whack. CT told Matt they were still going to limit his kicks with the team. They would spend more time after practice on the real field with JC and DG working on the snap and hold. Matt said that Marty Kent (Tech kicker 94-97), Kevin Goessling (Prior Fresno State kicker) and Josh Scobee all reached out to him. He said Josh told him to keep his head high and he was too good of a kicker to let something like this get you down. He told Matt his Sr year that he missed 2 FG's against Texas El Paso and then he missed 3 FG's against Hawaii the week after. It just happens. He said he was only 21 for 31 his Sr. season. He also told Matt that he set a new franchise record for Jacksonville with 20 consecutive FG's on Sunday, but he did kick a kickoff out of bounds and during the press conference all they wanted to talk about was his kick out of bounds. Go figure! I thought it was cool that they all reached out to Matt. That was awesome! UTSA is up next! I lived in San Antonio for 6 years and I am familiar with the school, but not the football program. They had just started the football program as we were moving to North Dallas. Larry Cooker is their coach and they are called the Roadrunners. Their mascot is named Rowdy the Roadrunner. They have been called the Roadrunners since 1977 when the students voted on the two mascot contenders. It was between the Roadrunners and the Armadillos. Can you imagine having road kill as your mascot. I can't wait for Saturday to get here. We have lot's of family coming to the UTSA game. My aunt Donna and my cousin Heather with her family (Rob, Mackenzie & Mikaela) are all coming up from Florida. My sister Cathy and her family (Wes, Parker & Peyton) are coming up from Houston and as always my parents John & Carol, Janet's parents Bob & Margaret along with Janet's aunt & uncle David and Barbara will all be in attendance. Thanks to all of you for your support for Matt and this awesome football team. I will leave New Mexico State alone. It was a win, but a very tough win and game for me. This will be a super tough week for me mentally. Matt Nelson is strong and he will only get better. I love you man! Now go kick some Roadrunner's rear end. A special thanks to Tom Morris for the use of the photo and video in this blog. What a blast it is and we are so blessed to have the honor to watch Matt Nelson and the La Tech football team. I appreciate all of those who are following my journey. I can't wait to share my thoughts with everyone as the season goes on. It is such a blast to follow Matt Nelson through his eyes and this Bulldog football team. I write from the bottom of my heart and what my feelings are at that time and sometimes I get carried away. I am very passionate about La Tech Football! I am just a College Football Fan and I Love College Football! Until our paths cross again have a blessed week! College Football Dad!