Friday, December 7, 2012

San Jose State - 11/24/12

I don't know where to start. I just rode this amazing roller coaster and then got to the grand finale where you hold your hands up and the roller coaster stopped! Why? We were at the grand finale! I just went from the thrill of seeing Matt Nelson walk down tailgate alley for the last time to the high of seeing him introduced as a senior as we walked on the field with him. Then we had a big dip in the road as we go down 27 - 3 in the 3rd quarter. Then I get to experience the dogs claw back with 5 seconds on the clock as Matt Nelson comes in to tie the game and send it into overtime. Even though I was in the tunnel during the kick once I heard the fans erupt I knew I had just experienced a College Football Orgasm. I am not sure I can say that word, but I am going to any way. My emotions after that kick were higher than any other play that I can recall while Matt has been playing at La Tech. We had about 10 minutes to enjoy the moment and then the overtime started and before I knew it Utah State was celebrating on the field with an OT win and a share of the WAC Championship. This could not be! We had set ourselves up so perfectly. I just went from a College Football Orgasm to Erectile Dysfunction in a matter of 15 minutes. Is that even possible? I need to see a shrink! I am still excited for the opportunity that Matt and this team had. Our never quit attitude has always been there and it showed even more during this game. I am very proud of these young men and I will never forget the ending in regulation.
Even though we did not win "Thank You" for letting me experience it. Now it is time for me to get my mind right for San Jose State. For us to even have a chance at sharing the WAC Championship we have to win this game on the road and we have to have Idaho beat Utah State. Stranger things have happened but I do not feel good about Idaho beating Utah State. The more games you win the better chance you have a securing a better bowl game. We win the game at San Jose State and let things take care of themselves. I spoken to Matt several times during the week. He has put the emotional loss to Utah State behind him and feels like the rest of the team has as well. He has kicked the ball really well and is confident about the game against San Jose State. He said the team has been very focused and all of the team practices have gone well. He said that they have worked on several specialty kicks and he felt like they would use some of them. He was not looking forward to the long flight, but would most likely watch a couple of movies and sleep. Since we are going to a bowl game Janet and I decided not to go to San Jose for Matt's last college game before the bowl game. With it being Thanksgiving week we decide to drive over early Thanksgiving morning and fix a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the guys. (Matt, RP, Ray, David, Ty, Vince, Hunter, Darby and anyone else who needed a meal) Earlier in the week my oldest son (Tyler) drove up from Austin on Tuesday evening and hung out with us until we left early Thursday morning.
We had a blast visiting our favorite after hours watering holes and watching his mom tell crazy adult beverage stories. :) We would not be able to spend Thanksgiving with Tyler this year as he had tickets to go see UT play TCU in Austin. It was good to spend time with him while he was there and he will be missed on Thanksgiving. Early Thursday morning we loaded up all of the food along with the dogs and made our way over to Ruston. We hit Matt's house at 10:00 AM and after we got the dogs settled we started to get everything unloaded and set up. The guys had practice and then a team meal at 1:00 PM. We set dinner time at 5:00 PM so this gave us a chance to get things organized and start cooking for these amazing guys. On the menu was 3 fried turkey breasts, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, fresh green beans, dressing, rolls, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. We were able to cook everything somewhat ahead time and put the food in large containers wrapped in foil so we could keep it warm in the oven. The guys wanted 3 different types of fried turkey breast so I injected one with blended up pickled jalapeƱos, olive oil and lemon juice (RP's dads recipe) another with jalapeƱo creole butter and the last one with crystal hot sauce and melted butter. I think experimentation is always good when playing with food. We spent the afternoon watching football as the turkey breast fried and Janet got the rest of the meal put together. I sliced each turkey flavor and sent out a sample for the guys to try.
It was pretty funny as the overall consensus was the crystal hot sauce and melted butted concoction was the winner. I would have to agree. It was pretty amazing! Janet got everything setup in the dining room and told the guys it was ready to go. By the way Janet did one heck of a job getting everything ready to go at the same time. Thank You! I had never seen plates piled up so high. You can go back for 2nd's & 3rd's. :) Once everyone got a plate we headed outside to the big table and Ray the said the blessing as everyone held hands. I think it is so awesome that prayer is involved in these young mens lives. After several trips back for food the guys started to peter out, but promised they would eat more. We still had a ton of food left and the guys would be traveling, but it would be there when they returned. The evening was capped off with pie and watching the UT - TCU game and then it was time for bed for me. It was an awesome day for me and I was so honored and blessed to get to hang out with these guys and play with a little food. The morning came early for me as I had 120 kolaches to make before everyone woke up. I made 2 pans of 60 so it would cook a little easier. Thank you smoke alarm for not going off. A few weekends back some grease had spilled in the oven and at 425 degrees we had a smoked filled house and smoked kolaches. It was all good! I had everything ready to go at 10:30 and it did not take long and the kolaches started to disappear.
Vince came over and made sure that there were not too many left overs. :) Janet and I started cleaning up everything as the guys had to get ready to head to the field house. What an amazing 24 hours! These guys are amazing. We said our goodbyes and wished them all luck and onward to North Dallas we headed. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to cook for the guys and just hangout. Thank You for including us. We took it easy Friday night and looked forward to watching some college football on Saturday as we waited for the 9:30 CST kickoff in San Jose. I might need to go find a parking lot and set up a tent until kickoff. I tried to hold off as long as I could but I was in great need of an adult beverage and I started probably earlier than I should, but I told myself I would pace myself. Yea right! The kickoff had arrived and I was ready to get this party started. The game was on ESPN 2 so this made it really cool. Matt kicks off and SJSU will start on their 29 yard line. SJSU runs 7 plays and kicks a 45 yard FG and leads 3 - 0. La Tech takes the kickoff and will start at our 25 yard line. Tech runs 4 plays and RA comes in to punt. SJSU will start at their 12 yard line and runs 8 plays as they connect on a 42 yard pass play for a TD. SJSU is up 10 - 0. No Way! I know we watched film on these guys. Tech takes the kickoff and will start at our 16 yard line. We run 8 plays and RA comes in to punt. We need you offense! SJSU starts on their 2 yard line and runs 3 plays and they have to punt.
Tech starts on their 49 yard line and runs 6 plays as KD runs it in from 8 yards out. Matt comes in for the PAT and it is no good. This did not really happen did it? I went into the other room like I normally do and I come back and it is missed. The replay looks like the snap was good and it was hard for me to tell on the hold, but the ball was pulled left and bounced off of the left upright. It is time for me to change to a different color of drawers and drink a glass of white wine. I prefer red wine, but I will do whatever it takes to get some good karma. These green things and red wine are not working right now. SJSU is up 10 - 6. Matt kicks off with a sky kick and SJSU calls a fair catch. CT, why are we doing this? SJSU starts the drive on their 26 yard line and runs 5 plays as the 1st quarter comes to an end. I am already nervous and I am not sure I have enough red wine in my box! The 2nd quarter starts with SJSU running 5 plays and they score on an 18 yard pass play. SJSU is now up 17 - 6. No! This is not happening! Tech takes the kickoff as DJB runs 32 yards to the Tech 41 yard line. Tech runs 3 plays and RA comes in to punt. He nails it 55 yards and it is downed on the SJSU 14 yard line. SJSU runs 1 play as LL intercepts the ball and Tech has the ball on the 50 yard line. Tech runs 7 plays as Matt comes in for 32 yard FG and it is a fake. Matt acts like he is kicking and DG pitches the ball to ML for a TD. Are you kidding me? I was not expecting that. Matt comes in and connects on the PAT. SJSU leads 17 - 13. That was cool! Matt kicks another sky kick and SJSU calls a fai catch. Really! Why are we doing this?
SJSU starts on their 24 yard line and runs 8 plays as SJSU scores a TD on a 1 yard run. SJSU is now up 24 - 13. Tech takes the kickoff and starts their drive on the Tech 14 yard line. Tech runs 9 plays as CC hits QP on a 52 yard bomb. Matt connects on the PAT and SJSU is up 24 - 20. Let's do this. Matt kicks off and SJSU fumbles the ball as CN recovers the ball. Hoo Ya! Tech runs 5 plays as CC runs it in from 1 yard out. Matt connects on the PAT and Tech is up 27 - 24. This is what I am talking about! Matt kicks off and the half comes to an end. Wow! Just wow! Red wine where are? I need you now! SJSU kicks off for the start of the 3rd quarter. Tech starts their drive on our 20 yard line. We run 12 plays as Matt Nelson comes in and drills a 29 yard FG. Tech is now up 30 - 24. Good job Nelly! Matt kicks another sky kick and SJSU returns if 37 yards to their 43 yard line. I will never understand why we do these things. SJSU runs 9 plays and runs it in from 4 yards out and is now up 31 - 30. SJSU kicks a sky kick and ML returns it to the Tech 44 yard line. The special teams coaches must have drank out of the same cup. Tech runs 5 plays as CC hits MW on a 33 yard bomb. Matt connects on the PAT and Tech is now up 37 - 31. Come on guys! Let's close this thing out! Matt kicks off and SJSU will start on their 29 yard line. SJSU runs 3 plays and scores on a 32 yard run play and takes the lead 38 - 37. Not good! SJSU kicks off and Tech will start on their 16 yard line. We run 3 plays and RA comes in to punt.
SJSU will start on their 29 yard line and runs 4 plays and has to punt. Tech takes over at our 40 yard line and runs 2 plays as CC throws an interception. SJSU runs 7 plays and the 3rd quarter comes to an end. Oh my! This is going to get the best of me. The 4th quarter starts with SJSU running 3 plays as they score a TD. SJSU is now up 45 - 37. Tech takes the kickoff and will start on their 24 yard line and we run 8 plays as CC hits QP on a 10 yard pass play. CC stays in as they go for 2 points and the pass is incomplete. SJSU is up 45 - 43. Matt kicks off and SJSU will start their drive on their 37 yard line. SJSU runs 8 plays and scores on a 26 yard pass play and is now up 52 - 43. No, No, No! Tech takes the kickoff and and runs 8 plays as CC throws an interception. No! SJSU runs 6 plays and has to punt. Tech takes over at our 23 yard line and runs 3 plays and CC throws another pick. SJSU runs 2 plays and the game is over. SJSU wins 52 - 43. What just happened? Why? This is not the same team that I am used to watching. What has changed? I just don't understand! I am going to go sit in the corner with a glass of red wine and try to figure this thing out. My dogs think I am crazy, but I don't care. Where did I go wrong? I know some of the blame has to go on me. I did not watch Matt's kicks and I did not have the right drawers on. I feel really bad for the guys. They deserve more and I know they gave it their all, but darn! How could we lose our last 2 games? It just does not seem right. Matt called right before they were getting on the bus. You could tell he was very upset with the loss.
He really did not want to talk and I understood. He said it hurts and it sucks! This team is too good for this loss. It will take a while for me to let this game go! He did tell me that they had to bus to Oakland because San Jose had a noise ordnance that went into affect at 11:00 PM so they could not fly out of there. They would have to fly out of Oakland instead. He said they should get back into Ruston around 9:00 AM. Flying back in from the west coast is not fun. Once they got back they had off until Thursday at 6:00 PM and they had to be back for a team meeting. Matt, RP, David and Ray were heading to Austin as soon as they got back in. They were going to stay at RP's dads house and Matt would get to spend some time with Tyler as well. I am still in shock! I would of never thought this would of happened. I know we are going to be playing in a bowl game, but I sure hated to end WAC play like this. I hope with the guys having a few days off that they can get their mind right when they return on Thursday. I will leave the San Jose State game alone. I don't know who we are playing next so I will wait for my next blog when the bowl game is in place. The upcoming week will be interesting as the championship games are played and we see how everything plays out. What a season it has been so far. I am exhausted! More red wine please!
I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Tom Morris for the use of his photos and video in this blog. He is an amazing photographer. What a blast it is and we are so blessed to have the honor to watch Matt Nelson and this La Tech football team. I appreciate all of those who are following my journey. It is such a blast to follow Matt Nelson through his eyes and this Bulldog team. I write for the bottom of my heart and what my feelings are at that time. I am very passionate about La Tech Football. I am just a College Football Fan and I Love College Football! Until our paths cross again have a blessed week. College Football Dad!