Monday, August 10, 2009

4 Years to Go! 8/10/09

I thought I would start this story at the beginning of my son's college football career as a freshman at Louisiana Tech, Fall 2009. Most people will probably want to know about him and you will stay informed as he progresses week by week and year by year. I want this to be from a dad's point of view. This will be from my heart and my emotions will be churning along the way. He checked in with the rest of the team on Sunday. He had already enrolled in early July and was working out with some of the team under the guidance of the strength & conditioning coaches. He was taking a couple of classes to get acclimated with college. Being a freshman in a junior/senior world is always tough for most. As a projected starter as a freshman he will have to fit in and show his goods on the field. I try to stay behind the scenes as he makes new friends and starts to experience life on his own. I hope his upbringing has prepared him for this journey. I am not sure mine prepared me to have a son getting ready to head to Auburn and play in front of 92K fans. I do no know what to expect. Two-a-days have started as the team begins to bond. Day # 1.