Monday, August 17, 2009

Week One! 8/17/09

Well Pop's has made it through week 1. He is there, I am here and she is up there. What that means is we are currently living in 3 places until our house sells and then two of us will be living together. Janet works in Dallas, Matt goes to school in Ruston and I work in San Antonio. I decided early on that I would be there for Matt when he wanted me to, but would stay behind the scenes and leave him be. I did not say Janet agreed to this, but I did make that agreement with myself. Matt needs to experience college and football life without Pop's calling everyday. He know's my number, email address, business, Facebook name, and my Twitter name. I am very easy to find. Week 1 is complete and I know my anticipation of what was going to happen has been answered. Not only does he workout a lot, he has lots of meetings everyday. As an incoming freshman I guess you have to attend mandatory meetings on NCAA rules and such. Wednesday evening they had a scrimmage and Matt was 3 for 3 on field goals. Wow! He must have ice water in his veins. I did get a call that night around 11PM and Matt said one of them was close to being blocked, but he still got it off. I know that Ross has been spending most of his time taking QB reps, so the timing from holder to kicker was a little off. They just need to spend more time on it before the season opener. Matt also said he did not get his good pop on the ball. Lets get real, this was his first live rush. I would be on my second pair of undies. After the scrimmage they each are given a large Papa John's pizza and some energy bars and head back to the dorm for lights out. Why did they not hook them up with Johnny's Pizza? Matt said he attended church on Sunday with some of the other players. What a great way to bond on and off the field. Sunday afternoon was the media day where fans could get up close and meet the football players. Matt said the true freshman cannot talk to the media. He had several kids ask for his autograph and he got to meet the real Bulldog mascot along some of the cheerleaders and the regal blues dance team. He had one of the big tailgating groups tell him that they were going to be serving a Matt Nelson dog at their tailgate, but they needed to know what that was. Here is the skinny on a Matt Nelson dog: Kosher weenie split down the middle with melted American cheese, bacon and ketchup! Sounds good to me! I would need some jalapenos on top of mine. I last spoke to Matt on his way to the special teams meeting last night. So I thought. I had a surprise phone call from his butt during the meeting. I listened for about 2 minutes of the special teams meeting and I hung up. I did not want any secret information and for sure did not want to get in trouble. It looks like week 1 is over. I know I might sound calm, but I am so nervous as the Auburn game approaches. Send more underwear! Until we visit again, have a blessed week. College Football Dad!